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I finally found some leads that connected my gear without lying all over the floor - try getting these short leads anywhere else - you won’t! And they sound great! Happy to endorse.
- Charles Springwood June 2008

"I'm so glad I got these! The difference that these leads made to my Altec/Luxman/NAD system is phenomenal! I'm hearing stuff I never heard before. A small lead, a HUGE difference !! ... And I mean every word, Cheers Tom."
- Tom C March 2008

"There are people who enjoy their music ... and then there are people who LOVE their music. The S888 and P888 cables are made by some one who loves their music. I know, because I've known the man who makes these leads for the better part of 30 years. He also has the finest sound system I've ever heard!"
- Peter (Essence Audio Webmaster) March 2008

“When I saw these cables I thought they were plain but I took a chance and wow!! My tube amplifier / Arcam CD player came to life. You can't judge a book by it’s cover - these are great !!! “
- Pat R. Feb 2008

“I am very happy with my purchase - I now hear things I didn't before. It’s a pleasure re-discovering my music collection - thankyou!“
- William T. Feb 2008

The ultimate reproduction of the original sound with an all enveloping sonic sensation. This is the design philosophy at Essence Audio. No gimmicks. Simply a 'Music First' philosophy.

Essence Audio redefines the meaning of high end interconnect cables. Selected premium gold plated RCA connectors, the highest quality shielded silver conductor cables.

With Essence Audio products you won't find inferior materials hidden inside fancy coloured plastic. Our products are made to perform and give our customers simple, honest sound. And isn't that what it’s all about?

Make the Connection with Essence Audio ... Be Transported.

Essence Audio Accessory Features

Please Note - Product Specifications are subject to change without notice. This will be because the materials used to make our Audiophile Audio Accessories have been upgraded and/or revised due to component availability. Any change will only ever be an improvement. Essence Audio will never offer an inferior audiophile product for sale.

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