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Avoid Hidden Costs & Disappointment when Auditioning
Surround Sound Systems and Individual Hi-Fi Components

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Have you ever wondered why that lovely stereo system you bought from your Audio System Retailer sounded great in the showroom, but pretty ordinary when you set it up at home?

To maximize sales most stereo system retailers (including the “high-end” sellers) ensure that the environment they demonstrate the equipment in is optimized for the best sound quality.

This may include a number of fairly standard sales and demonstration techniques including:

The selection of audio gear is of course dependant to a large degree on personal preference. If you are a “bass” person, then you would tend to be interested in equipment with a meatier sound. If you like crisp high-ends you will no doubt be listening particularly for those.

However when auditioning equipment, it is important to pay attention to the complete frequency response of all components … otherwise, disappointment awaits you when you get your new high-end audio equipment home. Subtle annoyances that you didn't notice, or perhaps just barely heard at the audition, can become quite aggravating when you have to listen to them on a daily basis.

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