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Who will benefit from using the Studio & Premium Series cables from Essence Audio?
The Essence Audio Studio & Premium Series audio interconnect cables offer audibly superior sound reproduction characteristics and are suitable for all RCA to RCA audio connections including Professional Recording Studio applications.

While it is true that almost any good audio leads can improve the performance of most systems, the Studio and Premium Series audiophile interconnect cables by Essence Audio Accessories take this improvement to the next level and beyond.

If you have invested in a high end, audiophile or pro-sumer sound system, you will immediately notice crisper high frequencies and improved channel separation when using the Studio and Premium Series audio connector leads. This is not just publicity hype, this is a real and verifiable acoustic difference that you will hear immediately!


How are the Premium Series cables from Essence Audio made?      BACK
All Essence Audio Accessories are made with maximum audio enjoyment in mind. The Studio and Premium Series audio connector leads are no exception. Unlike cheap production line moulded leads, Essence Audio interconnect leads are hand-made using only the highest grade components.

All Essence Audio Accessories connector leads are meticulously handcrafted to a precise, professional and highly exacting standard. This ensures that an Essence Audio product will be robust and provide minimal signal loss, superb channel separation and excellent high frequency performance.

Essence Audio Studio & Premium Series interconnect leads are proudly Australian Made.

 Premium Series Audiophile Cable - parts 
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Please Note that product appearance and specifications may change without notice over time,
as superior components are sourced and incorporated into Essence Audio products.

Why are Studio & Premium Series cables from Essence Audio Accessories So Good?       BACK

The extreme High Fidelity (true Hi-Fi) performance of Essence Audio connector cables results from the careful selection and combination of components. This results in almost no measurable resistance and exceptionally low connector cable capacitance.

The combination of silver core wire, silver braided shielding and gold plated RCA connectors provides a flat frequency response from DC to well above 500KHz.

We use silver wire for our audiophile connector cables because it provides greatly superior electrical performance when compared to any copper wire (including oxygen free varieties). If you don't think all that matters, you will once you have heard the difference!

Further Details...
Expand to see some common problems regularly encountered with cheaper or 'budget' audio leads
  • Budget audio leads are generally made using the cheapest components and manufacturing process available. In other words, you get exactly what you pay for.

  • Cheap leads often suffer from high and/or variable Electrical Resistance due to the use of flimsy, inadequate and low grade metal (usually copper) wires. Higher resistance audio leads are more prone to noise pickup.

  • Another major issue with budget leads is high and/or inconsistent Capacitance due mostly to the use of poor quality cheap plastic sheaths. We would suggest that the variety of available pretty colours won't make up for the lack of quality. When Resistance is combined with Capacitance, a first order RC Network or Filter is created, which in severe cases will audibly inhibit high frequency response.

  • Mains hum (50/60 Hz) and Radio Frequency (RF) noise pickup due to inadequate shielding is a common problem found in many low cost, low quality leads. Whether you are aware of these noise sources or not, even at low levels (towards the edge of hearing), these noise signals will combine with your audio signal to produce Intermodulation Distortion (IMD ), which will effect and degrade the overall audio quality!

  • Poor Build Quality is another major problem encountered with all mass produced audio interconnect cables.
    This is particularly evident with an automated manufacturing process, where the plug is moulded to the lead and there is no way to properly inspect the lead for dodgy electrical connections.

    Some regularly encountered faults with mass produced cables include:
    • Poor Crimping (for solderless connections) - Inadequate crimping can lead to loose connections which will get noisy whenever the cable is moved or vibrated. Excessive crimping will cause crushed wires which will be prone to breakage and result in an intermittent or permanent open circuit.
    • Poor Soldering - Using too much soldering flux with very fine copper wire can lead to corrosion where the soldering flux will essentially eat through the fine copper wire resulting in a break or open circuit. Insufficient soldering flux (or temperature) may result in a Dry Joint, where the two surfaces touch but are not properly electrically connected. This usually results in spurious intermittent signal drop-outs. Dry soldering joints are an extremely common electrical fault and one that can be very difficult to trace.

    In use, any of these problems will eventually lead to unwanted noise (crackling), intermittent performance (random open circuits or stuttering) and/or eventual total failure. Poorly made leads will be unreliable, unpredictable, prone to breakage and possibly even eventual internal oxidation and/or corrosion as air permeates the plastic (primarily at the lead/plug junction). Seriously - why would you bother?
Note: If listening to music at moderate to high volumes brings on stuttering, crackling or other unwanted noises in your audio system - check your leads first!


Why are Connector Cables from Essence Audio Accessories Such Good Value?      BACK
Similar, and even some inferior interconnect cables, are being sold for over four times the price of Essence Audio interconnect cables. Essence Audio studio and premium quality audiophile connector leads put true High Fidelity back into the expression Hi-Fi, at a price that every one can truly enjoy. If good value matters to you, audiophile interconnect cables by Essence Audio Accessories are your best choice.

Essence Audio Accessories make each audiophile interconnect cable individually. These interconnect leads are not mass-produced, ordered by the crate and shipped via a long and extensive global supply chain. All Essence Audio interconnect cables are expertly made and then shipped straight to our customers. There are NO delays or hidden costs, just excellent value and audio performance for your hard earned money.


How To Order Studio & Premium Series audiophile interconnect cables from Essence Audio      BACK
PayPal direct ordering and credit card payment facilities are now in place and available on the respective product pages. There may also be the occasional deal to be found on ebaY.


How To Order Custom Length Premium Series interconnect cables from Essence Audio     BACK
No matter how good the leads, the best length is always the shortest. If you have a system that requires cables made to a specific or custom length, with your requirements. All Essence Audio leads are handcrafted, so if you need custom-length leads these can be provided at little or no additional cost ... just ask.

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