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 Premium Series Audio Connector Cables - Model P888 SA 
 by Essence Audio Accessories 
 Proudly Australian Made

 Premium Series Audio Connector Cables - Model P888 SA 
 1 Boxed Set - 2 x 1M leads with bag 
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Please Note that product appearance and specifications may change without notice over time,
as superior components are sourced and incorporated into Essence Audio products.

P888 SA - Premium Stereo Pair

P888 SA Product Information

The Essence Audio Premium Series P888 SA is a pair of high-end stereo connector cables suitable for all analogue connections on Stereo / Home Theatre and Surround Sound systems. Utilising selected premium components, these interconnect cables deliver superior results for the ultimate Audio experience.

Following the design and construction philosophy of the other Essence Audio Accessory products, the P888 SA interconnect cables aim to deliver the maximum performance and value for your money. The P888 SA stereo lead pair come standard in a one metre lengths, with custom lengths available on order.

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Please refer to the Essence Audio Accessories Products Information and FAQs page for how our superb Essence Audio products are made, including ordering custom interconnect cable sizes.

Avoid audio signal degradation, loss of high frequencies and beware of inferior "look-alike" products using cheap copper conducting wire!

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